How Skinetica Works

Skinetica Limited is a revolutionary skin care product company that has gifted the world with a fabulous acne and anti-blemish treatment, Skinetica. How Skinetica works is interesting because our product is completely free of any toxic or harsh chemicals and is non-greasy.
Our product is unlike any acne treatment product that you have used before. Its ingredients do not consist of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. We have developed our product using only ethyl alcohol (only 18%), deionised water, fragrance, and our specialised silicon. Our ingredients do not poison the P.Acnes microbe and your skin like other acne treatments. Skinetica very gently works upon the affected areas of the skin to reduce spots, pimples and acne, as well as blackheads and scars left behind by past acne infestations.  

Skinetica Makes the Skin Feel Smoother 

Skinetica not only clears the skin of acne and blackheads, but also makes the skin feel softer and smoother. Wondering how Skinetica works to achieve that? Our unique serum locks in the natural oils of the skin and prevents it from becoming dry. 

The Application of Skinetica is Easy and Hassle-free 

Our acne treatment is very easy to use. You only need to take a soft cotton pad, wet it in Skinetica serum and gently apply it on all the affected areas of the skin – face, chest, neck or back. During the day, you can apply it, leave it to dry and then apply make-up. It acts as an excellent foundation base. At night, Skinetica can be used as a toner to clean the skin of all the deep impurities. Once clean, you have to re-apply the serum and let it work its magic. 

Traditional acne treatments contain highly toxic materials that are harmful to the skin. Skinetica works by quickly removing all spots and blemishes without causing any redness or soreness of the skin. Our product is tested by a leading European dermatological company and approved as one of the very best.

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