How to use Skinetica

Skinetica is one of the easiest treatments to use.

  • At night, use as a toner to clean and purify skin, then reapply and leave to dry.
  • In the morning ; apply and leave to dry before applying any creams, foundation or makeup.
  • If you don’t use makeup, just apply every 12 hours onto clean skin and leave to dry.


Skinetica should be applied to clean dry skin , and it has no side effects.

Simply apply to the affected areas using a cotton pad, thoroughly covering them and wetting them.

Skinetica is equally effective on any skin area, face, chest or back.

Have a routine for the best results.

A good skincare routine is important when you use Skinetica. Use as a toner at night after removing make-up, and again in the morning before applying make-up or moisturisers.

Skinetica will work underneath your make-up during the day but please remember it will not work if you apply it on top of creams or make-up.

Even more happy customers 🙂

“I am so impressed with Skinetica, we tried everything for my 19 year old over the last 3 years but as soon as she started to use skinetica her skin started to visibly improve. She is so happy with it Thankyou. I have recommended this to people I know with any skin problems for either themselves or people they know, its great… – Teresa H

“I really enjoy your product as it doesn’t bleach clothes and hair and also its irritant free. I always recommend it to friends and family as it is cheap and very effective” – Tracy S

Skinetica Limited wowed the world with Skinetica, a unique solution for clearing skin of blemishes and acne. This is regarded as the ultimate acne treatment by thousands of people around the world. If you are wondering how to use Skinetica, our toxic-free acne treatment is extremely easy to use.

● In the morning, you can simply apply Skinetica onto your face and leave it to dry before applying any other moisturiser or make-up. As our product is very light, it acts as the perfect make-up foundation base and even prevents make-up from running when the temperature is unbearably hot.
● If you do not use any kind of make-up, then you can simply apply Skinetica and repeat the process every 12 hours for better results.
● At night, our product can be used as a toner. Use it first to clear the skin of all impurities and then re-apply it and leave it to air-dry.

Important Things to Remember When Using Skinetica

Now that you know how to use Skinetica, here is some additional information that will help you to get better results from our product.

● Always apply this acne treatment onto clean, dry skin. Do not apply it on wet skin.
● You can apply Skinetica on the affected areas of your skin using a soft, cotton pad. Gently wet the cotton pad with Skinetica and dab it on the areas.
● Our product is not only effective on the face but you can also use it on your chest, neck or back.
● Apply it daily as a routine to get best results.
● Skinetica only works underneath make-up or moisturiser and not on top.

So, what are you still waiting for? You know how to use Skinetica and all you have to do now is place an order for this magical product. Skinetica Limited offers this excellent acne treatment at an affordable price. Our product is safe for any skin type and people of all ages can use it without having to worry about any side effects.

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