Acne treatment review after using Skinetica for 6 weeks

Spots and acne can really get your confidence down and with so many companies ‘promising’ to rid you of your blemishes it can be hard to find a product that actually works. I suffered with acne for over ten years and despite trying many of the spot treatments available, I was always disappointed with the results. It wasn’t until I started using Skinetica that I saw dramatic changes in my skin. After only two days I noticed a significant reduction in the number of spots and blackheads on my face and my skin also felt a lot less oily. After a couple of weeks my skin had almost completely cleared up! It is a brilliant product which is also quick and easy to apply and is a great base for makeup as it doesn’t cause your foundation to clog like many other acne products.

Would you recommended Skinetica as an acne treatment?

I would completely recommend Skinetica to anyone who is prone to acne or spots, especially if you want to find a product that actually works for your skin and gives you back your confidence!

This review was completed by Aimee who is on Facebook here. Thank you Aimee for taking the time to give us feedback on our product.