How Skinetica Works


Traditional acne and blemish treatments are based on old technology, and 99% of them contain highly toxic chemicals, such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid etc.

The way these treatments work is to chemically poison the Propionibacterium Acnes (P.Acnes) microbe.  Once the toxic chemicals dry off, the killing action stops and the P.Acnes microbes return. They need to be re-applied often for continued treatment, resulting in redness, chapping, soreness and drying of the skin.

Skinetica is a safer, smarter, more effective alternative that:

Does not use poisons or toxins.

Does not harm your skin.

Has a physical rather than a chemical mode of action.

But does produce a clearer, smoother and softer skin.

Skinetica is a unique new technology, that uses a new generation of silicone polymers to enable it to work on the skin , at a molecular level, to prevent and inhibit P.Acnes microbial infestation.

It is very simple and comfortable to use, just apply to the skin, wetting the infected areas, and leave for a few seconds, until air dried. It forms a microscopic coating on the skin, and becomes substantive to it. You cannot see it or feel it, but can rest assured it is there.

Once dried on the skin, Skinetica is non toxic and chemically inert. Safe for handling food, and babies ! It will also make the skin feel smoother and softer as it locks in the natural moisturising oils in the skin.

P.Acnes microbes cells are negatively charged, whereas the Skinetica molecule carries a positive charge, and when in close proximity the two are electrostatically drawn together. The Skinetica molecule is shaped as a sword or skewer, which penetrates and ruptures the outer cellular wall of the microbe, thus killing it on contact. The medical name for this process is lysis.

In 2014 an independent UK laboratory certified that Skinetica killed 99.99% of p.acnes microbes within 60 minutes of coming into contact with them. Which is why Skinetica produces results in 2-3 days.


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