How to use Skinetica

Skinetica is one of the easiest treatments to use.

  • At night, use as a toner to clean and purify skin, then reapply and leave to dry.
  • In the morning ; apply and leave to dry before applying any creams, foundation or makeup.
  • If you don’t use makeup, just apply every 12 hours onto clean skin and leave to dry.


Skinetica should be applied to clean dry skin , and it has no side effects.

Simply apply to the affected areas using a cotton pad, thoroughly covering them and wetting them.

Skinetica is equally effective on any skin area, face, chest or back.

Have a routine for the best results.

A good skincare routine is important when you use Skinetica. Use as a toner at night after removing make-up, and again in the morning before applying make-up or moisturisers.

Skinetica will work underneath your make-up during the day but please remember it will not work if you apply it on top of creams or make-up.

Even more happy customers 🙂

“I am so impressed with Skinetica, we tried everything for my 19 year old over the last 3 years but as soon as she started to use skinetica her skin started to visibly improve. She is so happy with it Thankyou. I have recommended this to people I know with any skin problems for either themselves or people they know, its great… – Teresa H

“I really enjoy your product as it doesn’t bleach clothes and hair and also its irritant free. I always recommend it to friends and family as it is cheap and very effective” – Tracy S

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