Skin condition and playing Sport

Lots of people promise themselves they will do more sport every new year. And you’ve guessed it-there’s all sorts of skin irritation and soreness associated with playing sports. Acne mechanica, is it’s name and it is caused by heat, pressure on the skin, and repetitive frictional rubbing. It can also be made worse sometimes if you are using a deodorant or muscle liniment. Especially if this is trapped under tight-fitting clothes or strapping.

Acne mechanica is also a great target for Skinetica. Active sports players and dancers alike can benefit from Skinetica’s unique ability to form an active layer on the skin surface for up to 12 hours of protection.

Sports gear and protective equipment is often the culprit in causing this type of irritation, including cycling helmets and helmet straps, tight-fitting sports or dance kit made of synthetic fabric, shoulder and shin pads, tight headbands and sweatbands to name a few.

Other reasons to get this condition also called sandpaper acne, can be work related uniforms or protective gear.

There are ways to prevent these sorts of issues:

Showering immediately after sports activities, making sure to wash with mild non-allergenic soaps.

Treat any acne-affected areas, or those that were covered up by straps, padding or by tight clothing or strapping, with Skinetica.

Wearing clean cotton layer under sports kit, especially synthetic materials is helpful..

Avoid covering the face or forehead with a grubby headband or cap keep your sports kit clean.

Overall the benefits of playing any kind of sports regularly far outweigh the risk of aggravating skin condition – remember a sensible skincare routine and applying Skinetica twice daily will help treat any flareups – and keep blemishes and redness under control in the longterm.

As being active is a great way to improve your all-round health and provides a healthy outlet for your emotions – you needn’t fear acne mechanica. As with all skin conditions, we at Skinetica recommend you see your doctor if things don’t improve or is affecting you emotionally. Whether you’re an active member of a sports team or you just like to jog around the block every morning, follow the advice below to help you keep acne at bay.

Wash your sports kit and use only protective gear that is really clean next to the skin.

A base layer of clean cotton can help, or try to keep to breathable man-made fabrics.

If your sports kit needs to be tight-fitting, try cleansing the skin and applying Skinetica before a sports session.

Avoid prolonged use of tight headbands, sweatbands and caps if you can, these trap in excess natural oils and provide an humid environment for acne-causing P.Acnes bacteria to thrive in.

After sport and execise, don’t rigorously scrub any area that might be affected by this skin condition, gentle washing is fine – it won’t break softened skin introducing surface bacteria into your pores.

After cooling down, try to take a shower immediately to relax and refresh the skin.

Apply Skinetica to affected areas and allow to air dry. Skinetica does not contain harsh chemicals and lasts for 12 hours.

Enjoy your sport, and build regular activity into your acne action plan – as well as Skinetica of course!