Overall, Skinetica is a really good blemish treatment and I think it does an amazing job considering how gentle it is on the skin! I will definitely keep using this product as it has become a new step in my skin care routine that I enjoy doing.!


I came across Skinetica at my local beauticians and decided to buy a bottle for my our 15 year old son. He has had moderate acne for a couple of years and tried many products in this period. He’s now on his 4th bottle and won’t use anything else.

Deirdre W.

Hello ! I just want to say I’m so so happy with my result I could cry ! I tried every cream from the doctors possible to try and clear it up as my face was completely scarred ! But nothing ever worked ! Until I found skinetica , my skin is nearly back to its old self and my confidence is almost back ! I just want to say thank you so much.

Maya T.

This stuff is amazing!  I’ve always suffered with spots & pimples across my forehead, but Skinetica has really helped to clear my skin! Here’s my before & after photo!! Thank you so much.

Leanne G.

Hi guys! I just wanted to send you my story. I have suffered with acne for years and tried all sorts of treatments and medications from doctors and finally I got help from an Environ specialist and she introduced me to Skinetica. I use an environ cleanser every day morning and night and then I use Skinetica morning and night. And that has worked! My skin is free from breakouts even now I’m very poorly and run down and usually my skin would flare up but thanks to Skinetica it hasn’t. I am free from breakouts I  You guys have given me back my confidence and I can’t thank you enough! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Camilla B.

Really great product! It started working quicker than any other acne treatment I have tried (prescription or otherwise) but most impressively is the quality of skin it produces.

Zoe B.

Skinetica is honestly the best product I have used to reduce my acne. Being nearly 40 and battling with ageing skin symptoms as well as acne has always been hard for me as the majority of acne treatments either dry out my skin (causing wrinkles) or become sun sensitive and have caused pigmentation. Highly recommend this product.

Julia S.

Hello, I would just like to start by saying what an amazing product you have! I have been through years of trying different products, spending a lot of money on pointless products that don’t work, having medicines prescribed by my doctor, yet still never seeing any improvement and still never being comfortable in my own skin …until now!  I can’t tell you how happy I am or how much more confident I am in myself since I began using skinetica. I came across this as an add on Facebook and have recommended it to every girl I know as I feel it works wonders if you use it religiously every day like I do. I am not all that confident on camera, however, I would like to share some before and afters with you! I do still get the odd little breakout but it is nothing like what I had previously.  Thanks again for all you have done!

Gail G.

Hello! Here is a photo of me before and after discovering skinetica, I have used the product for only 2 weeks and I am so happy with the results so far! I’ve suffered from acne for 6 years and tried so many products, it’s so exciting to have found one that finally works. Thank you!!!

Lucy K.

I have been using skinetica everyday since receiving it in my october glossybox, and, after suffering from acne for about 12 years now, I have to say its the first thing I have tried that has actually done what it promises to do!!!


I had come across Skinetica on numerous occasions and thought it was too inexpensive to work!! I am now on to my seventh bottle and still acne free! Inexpensive and effective, perfect!


Hello I would just like to say thank you for your product and I will be definitely recommending it! I’ve tried countless treatments from the doctors and nothing ever worked. However I have used your product for 3 days now and the difference is already amazing!

Casey G.

Hi Skinetica,  I am In love with your product!! It’s become part of my everyday routine. I took a picture of my spots and my particularly bad breakout before I started using Skinetica and the results are incredible after just a week of using it! I never expected to have these results!! I’ve been suffering with adult acne for almost a year now and your product has been the only thing to work on calming my skin. I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like after another weeks use!! So thank you!

Gemma C.